My Story, My Vision, My Mission (About ME)

I am a wife, a mother of 5 beautiful children and a Grandmom (Glam Ma) to 7 beautiful grandchildren. I was born in Southeast, Washington, DC and raised in Oxon Hill, MD.   I like to be different, I like to stand out from the crowd in a good way.  If everyone has on Nike shoes, I will wear a pair of Nike with a twist or another brand that looks better and cost less. 

Raising 5 children was not easy at all.  The Struggle is Real.  Although I like to keep up with the lastest trends and fashion, while looking cute and having my hair always on fleek it had became a challenge.  The price of beauty has inflated.  I love lace front wigs with baby hair and the fact that it looks like its growing from the scalp.  I was on a fixed income due to my incident at work and paying these high prices for wigs was not in my budget.  I started trying to figure out how I can continue to wear my lace front wigs and hair extensions at a better price without sacrificing the quality of the hair.   I found out that the synthetic wigs were much cheaper; however,  I wanted 100% Human Hair and no synthetic blends whatsoever. I needed it to be good hair, no shedding, no tangling, easy to dye.and able to withstand high heat of at least 450 degrees and I needed it to last a long time. I decided to literally search everywhere for the human hair I wanted and at the price I was willing to pay. I had mouths to feed. I really needed my wigs and bundles.  

It took me three years to find the right hair at the right prices.  I needed to go to the source.  I could not understand why people was paying so much for 100% good quality human hair, when in fact people are actually donating their hair..  Now I found out why I was not able to afford the hair anymore,  The markup on the hair is Super Crazy.  It was at this time I knew something had to be done.  I knew I wanted and needed to help women like myself who had kids, little money and still wanted to slay their hair and look fashionably good at the same time all while taking care of their home needs too. Therefore, it resulted in me starting  T-BOO LLC, Transforming Beauty One by One. 

What makes T-BOO LLC different? 

1. T-BOO LLC is different  because we offer some of the BEST HAIR on the market. Period...

2. We offer high quality grade Raw 100% human hair with NO SYNTHETIC BLENDS that can be easily dyed to all colors. 

3.. We sell below market value, lower prices, HIGH QUALITY HAIR

4. T-BOO LLC is different because our products are made with HIGH QUALITY materials and we are in it to help you save money, lower prices

5. We offer 30 days money back protection

4.  We can wholesale any item in our store. 

5. You can buy your hair, makeup, clothing and home decors all in one place at great prices. A ONE STOP POPPIN SHOP,  A WHOLE NEW YOU AT T-BOO!


In addition, Everyone wants a good deal.  At T-BOO you can find deals throughout the store. We like to bundle some of our products together and offer you an irresistable deal. 

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