How It All Started

Hello my name is Tee aka T-BOO.  I am a mother and grandmother. I am a Federal employee. I was injured on the job and had to come home.  After years of feeling like my hands were tied because I knew I was not ready to return back to work and yet at the same time I needed more money to help pay bills.  It just did not sit well with me, so after researching and feeling like its not my fault that I got injured and I am not able to return back to work, why can I still not make the money I need to take care of my kids.  

I started realizing that most of my money was going into looking beautiful.  If I look beautiful I will feel beautiful, so looking beautiful was what kept me motivated.  Then it hit me, how can I look good and get good products at a low cost to help save money.  I like to get my hair done, my lashes on fleek and of course my makeup and sexy outfit.  So after years of extensive researching and networking, I came into contact with a company that supplies almost all the hair to the big Branded Company.  I was shocked! I could not believe the up pricing cost of the hair.  Yes the hair is all 100% human and does come RAW.  The price that people pay is astounding.  I mean this hair can range anywhere from $100-$3500. Why Pay more for the same Great Quality hair?  This is the hair that most people want but can not afford it.  T-BOO hair is soft, tangle free, does not shed and can last for years with proper care.   I just want people to try        T-BOO hair, save money and spread the word! You can buy a meal for your family with that extra money you spend on hair. With our Money Back Guarantee if you do not love our hair, simply send it back. you can not go wrong. I did not grow up rich but my family was wealthy.  I believe in cost savings and I even help save the government money while at work too.  I formed T-BOO in hope of it becoming a One Stop Poppin Shop for all women of all colors.  Our prices are priced well below its market value.  

We also have handmade lashes in which each pair were made with love and care.  Our 3D mink and 25 mm Lashes are sure to be a Show Stopper.  We carry many items to fit your needs from your head to your bed. We are HAIR, LASHES, LINGERIES and Everything Lovely!  Get your Hair, Lashes, Nails, Makeup, Lingerie, Clothes, Shoes, Coat, Comforter, Wall Picture, Decors, Designer Lighting and more from T-BOO. ONE STOP POPPIN SHOP

In addition, I hope to one day build a school of Relevance with proceeds from    T-BOO. A school that will teach our youth at an early age about enterprenuership, credit, debit, banking, homeownership, investment, building, planting, fishing, and many things needed in order to live and survive in this world that is not taught in grade schools.

T-BOO also will like to aid in the prevention of Teen suicide. Too many of our youths are taking their own lives on a daily basis which is very heart broken to me.  I honestly believe that T-BOO will play a major role in preventing Teen suicide with the help of sponsors and the public. Together we can save a life!