Don't Sleep on this Hair Brand!

Don't Sleep on this Hair Brand!

OMG, This is some of the BEST HAIR on the market. PERIOD! No Kidding!, There is a huge difference in the quality of 100% human hair.   I personally like T-BOO hair better than some other branded hair I have tried including hair imports and essence boutique.  I love their lace wigs and their bundles.  The HD Transparent Lace is all that and melts on your skin.

I also like the fact that they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you really not even taking a risk. 

 After years of doing my own installs and spending hundreds of dollars letting someone else do my hair, I finally think I can do It myself!. Yeah I have been flawlessly laying my own lace wigs. (I think) lol for the past 2 years.   Most hair that's not wet and wavy gets nappy and tangle when wet, T-BOO hair remains soft and tangle free.  My favorite is their Waterwave Lace Frontal.   Their wigs are easy to install, it is just customizing the wig I have a problem when it comes to doing it myself. .  I will be practicing bleaching my own knots, plucking my own hairline, and making baby hair.  But for now I will get my customization professionally done by T-BOO .  This hair is some of the best hair I have ever seen. PERIOD!!!!.

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